Hamble Xmas yacht rescue

boxing day launch for calshot rnli continues into the early hours

Pic: Hillhead Coastguard Rescue Team

Both the RNLI Calshot lifeboat and Hillhead Coastguard Rescue Team came to the rescue of a stranded yacht outside the entrance to the River Hamble on Boxing Day.

At about 5 pm the RNLI received a call from a 37ft yacht that was hard aground

Calshot RNLI D Class Lifeboat Willet was launched with three volunteer crew to aid the vessel and check on the two persons on board.

On arrival, the lifeboat crew checked on the condition of the yacht’s two crew who were uninjured. With the low tide the lifeboat crew assessed the situation and determined the vessel would need to wait for the incoming tide before it could be re-floated. Hillhead Coastguard Rescue Team were also on scene to assist if needed.

It was decided the best course of action would be for the Calshot RNLI crew to return again at midnight with the tide. after making sure that the people on the yacht were comfortable and safe, the volunteer RNLI crew put out an anchor for them to secure the vessel, then returned to station and home to their families. HM Coastguard maintained radio contact with the vessel’s crew throughout the evening.

Lifeboat in Xmas Hamble Yacht rescue

Calshot Lifeboat Max Walls. pic: RNLI

At 11pm the Calshot crew returned to the station and launched the Atlantic 85 Lifeboat Max Walls at 12.03am . On arriving at the grounded vessel a Calshot crew member jumped on board to assess it and ensure no damage had been done and that the vessel wasn’t taking on water.

With the rising tide, the RNLI crew attached a tow line to the bow of the yacht and were able to pull it clear of the bank. Once the vessel was clear the crew made a final check before the vessel was able to head to Cowes to make berth for the night.

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  1. Sailor Jerry
    December 28, 2018 at 2:36 pm

    Where was Hamble Independent Lifeboat? Should have been there

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