Council considers options over M27 resurfacing

Eastleigh Civic offices

Eastleigh Borough Council is set to consider options including legal action as it takes steps to protect local residents from motorway noise from the concrete sections between Junctions 5 and 7.

Due to the impact of noise on local residents and biodiversity, there has been a long standing commitment from Highways England to resurface the concrete sections of the M27 between junctions 5 and 7 this decade.

In July 2018 the Council resolved that: That the Government be held to account should Highways England fail to comply with a funded commitment agreed in 2014 for low noise resurfacing between Junction 5 and Junction 7.

In December 2018 Highways England announced that despite previous reassurances, this resurfacing would not happen as part of the Smart Motorway project. Following investigations, in the last 48 hours the Council has obtained documents which indicate that there may be issues regarding the validity of his decision.

Officers are now urgently reviewing the documentation which has come to light and are seeking Counsel’s opinion to understand fully what options are available.

Councillor Richard Gomer said,

‘The health and wellbeing of residents and biodiversity in the Borough is a key priority of the Council. Motorway noise has a significant impact on this wellbeing and it is therefore in the public interest for the Council takes all possible steps to ensure that Highways England resurfaces the concrete sections at the earliest possible date.’