Live Review: American Idiot Musical at The Mayflower, Southampton

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Returning to mark the show’s 10th anniversary and the 15th anniversary of the Grammy Award winning original album, American Idiot was truly sensational at Southampton’s Mayflower. Former X Factor contestant Luke Friend, actor Tom Milner and Sam Lavery all put in one hell of a performance to justify how important Green Day’s American Idiot was for so many people. It began with news stories of George Bush on TV which tied in with the post 9/11 theme of the musical. 

Jesus of Suburbia was a particular highlight of mine as the songs were performed in order of the album including bonus tracks as well as some emotional songs from the 21st Century Breakdown album. 

Boulevard of Broken Dreams followed which was a amazing to see and hear as cheerleaders came out for Favourite Son as well as confetti.It was a very political show yet it also entertained me throughout. 

The half finished with a song from the 21st Breakdown album, with Last Night on Earth which was a particular emotional song for me. The second half saw another bonus track on the album to start proceedings again as the Tom and Luke certainly knew how to create atmosphere with Too Much Too Soon.

All the cast really told the story perfectly of American Idiot with Extraordinary Girl before their was silence as once again the Musical provided an emotional display. It was great to see Know Your Enemy be performed also as well as 21 Guns which are both classic Green Day songs and worked well within the story. Wake Me Up When September Ends was also a real tearjerker as the musical saw plenty of drug references and as well suicide.

Luke Friend played Time of Your Life (Good Riddance) with crowd clapping at the end which really showed how much these fans loved every minute of it. After a standing ovation, I could honestly say it was certainly the best musical I have been to and it blew me away.