Council urge to ‘Keep Rats Away’

Keep Rats Away

Mild winters can lead to an increase in the number of rats – especially around ponds, lakes and other areas where food is put out for birds and other wildlife.

Residents are being reminded not to scatter food on the ground when they visit our country parks or nature reserves – and to use bird feeders, rather than a bird table, in their gardens. Regularly removing any food that falls from feeders is also good practice.

Rats are constantly on the lookout for food and shelter, so make sure your house, business premises or outbuildings are in good repair – a rat can get access to your property through a gap as small as 15 millimetres. Keep gardens and backyards tidy – cutting back overgrown areas to deter nesting.

Please also ensure that all food waste is placed in your brown food waste bin or commercial bin if you are a business, keeping the lid tightly shut.

You can find the Council’s guide to preventing a rat infestation and get in touch with our Pest Control team by visiting