Eastleigh Police move into new offices


Eastleigh police office

“Modern and fit-for-purpose”

Officers serving the Eastleigh area are moving into a new police office in the Shakespeare Business Centre, Hathaway Close off Shakespeare Rd Just North of the Town Centre.

This follows the closure to the public of the front office in the old Leigh Road Police Station on May 21 last year due to falling demand for the public counter service.

A press release describes the latest premises as “modern and fit-for-purpose accommodation for officers and staff.”

The new site provides:

An interview room

Workspace and welfare facilities for 30 officers and staff

Parking for operational vehicles

Meeting rooms

A close proximity to Eastleigh town centre.

Michael Lane, Police and Crime Commissioner, said that the service had to respond to changing times .

“This move keeps the police close to the centre of Eastleigh, where they will continue to keep residents safer.”

The Police and Crime Commissioners office is responsible for managing Hampshire Constabulary facilities described Eastleigh’s old centrally located police station as “outdated and no longer fit-for-purpose.”

Eastleigh Police station

Visible town centre deterrent “Outdated and not fit-for-purpose”