Eastleigh residents back ‘cancel Brexit’ petition

Over 8,000 locals call for Article 50 to be revoked



Thousands of Eastleigh residents have added their names to an online petition calling on the government to cancel Brexit by revoking Article 50.

The petition, on the Parliament petitions website,has received over five and a half million signatures since Thursday – with over 8,000 signatures from Eastleigh, as people reacted to the deepening political crisis in Westminster. The volume of traffic has been so high the website has crashed several times

As of 8 am on Tuesday (March 26), 8,486 Eastleigh residents had signed the petition representing 7.8% of the constituency’s electorate.  The Winchester constituency – which includes Eastleigh Borough wards in Chandler’s Ford and Hiltingbury –  has seen a stronger response to the petition with 14,847 signatures (14.5% of the constituency electorate).

Last year The European Court of Justice ruled that the UK could revoke Article 50 itself, without reference to the other 27 EU countries and that it could remain a member of the EU on the same terms including retaining its budget rebate.

Another live petition currently on the Parliament website is urging the UK to “Leave the EU without a deal in March 2019”. Just over half a million people have already signed it and so far it has attracted 1,028 signatures in Eastleigh and 832 from Winchester and Chandler’s Ford.

Explaining her reasons for starting the ‘revoke’ petition, the sponsor, Margaret Anne Georgiadou, told LBC Radio she thought the referendum had not been democratic:

 “The government ignored us, they didn’t have any discussion with Remainers

“With a referendum, this is what happens because it’s not very democratic, it’s majoritarian, the majority wins, it’s ruled by the majority for the majority – sod the minority.

“Whereas true democracy includes everybody’s opinion in society.”

In the 2016 referendum the Winchester and Chandler’s Ford constituency had voted almost 60% in favour of remain while in Eastleigh the result had been closer with 52% in favour of leaving the EU – shortly afterwards a petition on the parliament website in favour of a second referendum attracted just over 4 million signatures.

In other Brexit news, celebrity telepath and champion spoon-bender Uri Geller has vowed to use his psychic powers to stop the United Kingdom from leaving the EU.