Live Review: The Circus of Horrors at Theatre Royal Winchester

As the packed out crowd waited until Dok Haze’s Circus of Horrors began, a Halloween themed song took to the speakers leaving the Theatre Royal Winchester tense.

Dok Haze was amazing throughout as him and his circus provided incredible entertainment with some stunts not for the faint-hearted.

In fact the first twenty minutes the crowd were invited to see a bottle cap being removed with an eye, a member of the crowd pulling out a string from a gentleman’s nose and some rather scary yet professional knife throwing.

The live band was just simply great throughout as The Circus of Horrors really did live up to their name. The show included a dwarf with a Henry Hoover however if you’ve heard of this circus before I will leave this to your imagination of where he actually put it. With the theme of the show titled ‘Psycho Asylum’, it was always going to be a little scary but no one could have expected when the stage actors/performers crawled over the audience which they done twice over the evening, the second being in very scary clown costumes.

There were plenty of acrobatics going on throughout the show as the show finished for a twenty minute interval.

There was plenty of fire as Dok Haze explained to the crowd it was cabaret time and this shortly followed by tribe like dancers, lots of flips and of course fire eating and jumping.

Hannibal Hellmurto provided excellent entertainment as he showed off his ivory teeth. His sword swallowing skills are no doubt some of the best in the world as he took on a 90 degrees angle sword as well as a electric glass neon tube.

There was plenty of fun for everyone before the clowns interrupted the show to try and take over the asylum. A strong man then took to the stage as the clowns helped him as he carried a swing with them on as well as two assistants.

There was a real comedy element to the show that arguably has the whole venue in stitches. The show finished with a showcase of performers that included lots of fire and sparks. There was a real singalong at the end of the show as Dok Haze really created lots of atmosphere to finish on. Overall this is a great show and in my opinion has an element of Jackass to it but even better! The Circus of Horrors is back later this year for their 25th anniversary!