Mims Davies backs kids Yemen peace plea

Mims Davies MP for Eastleigh with constituent 2

Pic: courtesyJeff Moore

Eastleigh’s MP Mims Davies joined more than 60 activists including 24 school children at Westminster and Eastleigh resident Bethany Hendrikse, in calling for an end to the humanitarian crisis in Yemen to support the hand in of a peace petition to the Foreign Office. The activists want the UK government to hear them standing up for the children of Yemen and turn political promises into practical change at the UN Security Council.The Member of Parliament for Eastleigh, Mims Davies, has joined with

More than 20 British school children aged between 11-13 years of age from Beverley High School in Yorkshire and Ousedale School in Buckinghamshire have been working with Save the Children campaigning and fundraising for children in Yemen.

They came together with activists from across the country to form a group of 60, staging a stunt in Victoria Tower Gardens that included an installation of a large pen containing thousands of regular-sized pens, to illustrate the petition signatures.  The children also used the pens to spell out ‘words not weapons’ on a board outside parliament. Following the stunt installation, the school children and campaigners walked to the Foreign Office in Westminster with a giant pen to present the printed names of the 58,000 signatories.

Eastleigh MP Mims Davies said:

“I was really pleased to meet again with Bethany in Parliament. She is a brilliant campaigner on this key issue, and absolutely has my support. As a Mum I couldn’t help but think about my own daughters while watching the horror too many people, including young people, are experiencing in Yemen.

“I thank Save the Children for all of the work they are doing with this campaign. As Eastleigh’s MP I will be raising this with the Foreign Secretary, and asking what more the UK, alongside our allies, can do to bring an end the conflict.”

Save the Children say that recent reports of increased fighting in Yemen – already the biggest humanitarian crisis in the world – have cast doubt on the future of the Stockholm peace process which began in December last year and the slim window of opportunity to secure peace in Yemen is now and Mims Davies joined British children and campaigners to show solidarity with the children of Yemen.

Save the Children is calling on the UK to put children front and centre of its foreign, defence and aid policies, calling out allies when they commit atrocities against children, and implementing a clear strategy to protect children and their families caught up in conflict.

Mims with constituent Bethany Hendrikse

Mims Davies MP with Bethany Hendrikse

Eastleigh resident and Save the Children campaigner, Bethany Hendrikse added:

“The Yemeni Children’s plea for food, education, security and safety must be heard. They cannot be made to wait any longer in what is described as the worst humanitarian crisis. We are their global voice & we urge the UK Government to use their position of power to continue to work with the UN for a peace resolution & ensure humanitarian access for Yemeni citizens”

Last year Eastleigh News revealed how Eastleigh Borough Council Tax is subsidised by the sales of weapons used against civilians in the Yemen.