BREXIT: Council plans for ‘worst’

No Deal exit this Friday could lead to 'knock on effect on local roads says Hampshire County Council

long queue traffic

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With the prospect of a no-deal Brexit looming ever larger, Hampshire Council say they have planned ‘for the worst’ if the UK crashes out of the EU this Friday.

If a deal cannot be agreed it is feared there could be traffic congestion around the Port of Portsmouth if hauliers decide to divert from Dover with ‘knock-on effects’ felt throughout the county.

In a statement issued today (April 9) Hampshire County Council revealed a traffic management plan has been drawn up by the Local Resilience Forum to reduce the potential impact on local roads.

If Theresa May is unable to get an extension, the traffic management plan could need to be implemented this week.

Legally, organizations such as emergency services, local government and the NHS, must be prepared for, respond to and recover from emergencies. As part of this, these organizations come together to form Local Resilience Forums.

We should know after the EU Leaders Summit tomorrow, if this Friday is still Brexit Day.

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  1. John Renard
    April 9, 2019 at 3:58 pm

    I wish people would stop using the Project Fear emotive phrase ‘crash out with No Deal’. We wouldn’t be ‘crashing out’, we would simply be leaving (incidentally, as the majority voted . . . remember?).

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