Eastleigh MP welcomes new law on upskirting.

Mims Davies Pic:Eastleigh News

Mims Davies Pic:Eastleigh News

Mims Davies, Eastleigh MP, has welcomed new legislation on upskirting which has officially been made a criminal offence in England and Wales

She says; it is deeply upsetting to hear the many stories of upskirting victims. “It’s a complete invasion of privacy and extremely distressing.”

Gina Martin, former victim and leading campaigner is happy that the Voyeurism Act has come into effect. “This is just the beginning. Please raise your voice and report if you are a victim or if you see someone become one.”  

Although perpetrators of upskirting can be currently prosecuted under the Outraging Public Decency offence, it does not necessarily cover every instance of upskirting. 

The new law ensures that these offences are treated as sexual offences which means convictions will be a minimum of 1 year in prison and/or a fine. In the most serious cases, offenders will also be put on the ‘sex offenders register’.

Justice Minister, Lucy Frazer reinforced the message saying that “there are no excuses for this behaviour and offenders should feel the full force of the law. Now they will.”