Lib Dem majority: ‘Not healthy for Democracy’

Labour candidate in Thursday's local election highlights air quality and transport issues in Borough

A Labour candidate in next weeks Local Election has described Liberal Democrat dominated Local Area Committee’s as “not healthy for democracy.”

Joshua Constable is standing for Labour in Eastleigh Central Ward where currently all three councillors are Lib Dem. Central Ward’s councillors also sit on the Local Area Committee giving the Lib Dems effective control of the Town Centre, Constable said that the committee takes decisions with ‘no debate.’

The Labour candidate highlighted Air Pollution as an issue and as a problem that could be addressed by increased council support for public transport and he also suggested that building new council houses would generate income and help alleviate the housing crisis.

The other candidates standing in Central Eastleigh Ward on May 2 are:

Nick Arnold – Conservative

Jephthe Doguie – Liberal Democrat

Andy Moore – Ukip

Nick Tann – Green Party