‘The apathy party always wins’

Conservative candidate tells Eastleigh News that Lib Dem success is down to voter apathy residents could pay the price for council borrowing.

A Conservative candidate in next weeks local elections says Lib Dem success in the Borough is down to a lack of interest on the part of voters.

Councillor Steve Broomfield is defending the Fair Oak and Horton Heath seat he won last year – one of the seven member opposition group of four Conservative and three Independent Councillors ranged against 32 Liberal Democrats.

Broomfield said that Conservative support tended to turn out during General Elections where their share of the vote has been rising. The Councillor said he thought that the levels of council borrowing – which he said topped £500 million  could end up “being laid at the door of the council tax-payer” and he described the Draft Local Plan as “completely unsustainable.”

Also standing in Fair Oak and Horton Heath on May 2 are:

Martin Lyon – Ukip

Michelle Marsh – Liberal Democrat

Jill Payne – The Labour Party

Jack Stapleton – The Green Party