Youths try to rob boy on Leigh Rd Rec

Bandstand Leigh Rd Rec 173

Police are appealing for a witness to come forward after two youths demanded money from a 14 year-old-boy on Leigh Rd recreation.

A man who saw the incident – which took place in broad daylight near the bandstand on Saturday afternoon (April 13) – spoke to the boy’s father after the incident and police would like him to contact them.

The incident took place at around 4.20 pm when two youths described as aged 16 – 17 years old approached the youngster and demanded money – the 14 year-old refused to hand anything over and they chased him as he ran off towards his father who was also on the Rec at the time.

Both of the youths were wearing hooded tops with the hoods up. One of the boys was slimmer than the other and had light coloured hair, the other had a stockier build

Police Sergeant Richard Knight said:

“If you are the person that saw this incident and spoke to the boy’s dad, please get in touch.”

Any other witnesses to this incident are also urged to call 101 and quote 4419012806

Police are also currently investigating another incident in Central Eastleigh that occurred on the same day when two youths said to be aged 16 – 19 demanded money from a man in his thirties and bottled him when he refused before making off with his wallet and mobile phone.