Eastleigh begins EU count process

EU Count


The counting of votes cast in Thursday’s European Elections is currently underway at Eastleigh’s Civic Offices with a result expected at 10pm.

The sealed ballot boxes, including boxes containing postal votes that have been stored since Thursday are now in the process of being opened and ‘verified’ in order to check they contain the expected number of ballot slips – a process that is expected to finish by 3pm.

Once the verification process has completed the Local Returning Officer will first notify the Regional Returning Officer at Southampton – where the South East Regional count is being co-ordinated and subject to his agreement he will make a statement regarding turnout.

The count proper won’t start until 4pm and at 10pm – the results will be first sent to the Regional Returning Officer at Southampton before we learn how we have voted here in Eastleigh.

The total results for the South East region will be announced at Southampton sometime ‘after 10’ possibly early hours of tomorrow morning as local votes could be subject to recounts.