Flying Scotsman to pass through Eastleigh and Chandler’s Ford

Historic steam loco will pass through Eastleigh on Saturday at 15.54. Network Rail and Transport Police issue safety warnings.

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Legendary steam loco The Flying Scotsman will pass through Eastleigh and Chandler’s Ford on Saturday (June 1) as part of a circular tour from Salisbury.

The train will pass through Southampton Airport Parkway at 15:48, Eastleigh 15:54 the Eastleigh Signal E97 at 15:57 and Chandler’s Ford at 16.02 en route to Salisbury.

British Transport Police and Network Rail have both issued safety advice to enthusiasts and spectators following a number of incidents – including trespass and unsafe drone flights – that took place in March when the Fying Scotsman visited Dorset.

Network Rail have issued a statement warning of the dangers of trespassing on the railway. Quite apart from the danger posed by passing trains, they remind spectators that the third conductor rail is always live and can kill or seriously injure anyone who comes into contact with it.

According to the rail operator it is illegal for anyone to fly a drone on, over or within 50 metres of the railway. It is, they warn, not only dangerous but operators can be taken to court and face a penalty of up to £2,500.[NB see advice below]

Inspector Andy Jackson from British Transport Police, said:

“We understand that the Flying Scotsman generates lots of interest and we know the journey throughout the Wessex region will see thousands head to the railway to see this historic engine pass. We will be working closely with Network Rail to ensure this journey is smooth and trouble free.

“Despite previous warnings, people have ignored our advice and illegally trespassed on the tracks. This is not acceptable and we will always work hard to identify offenders and take appropriate actions. I would remind everyone that the railway is a hazardous environment, and no one should be putting their lives at risk to take photos.

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  1. David Shute
    May 30, 2019 at 11:12 pm

    As a qualified commercial drone operator, can I correct the drone safe distance in your report about the Flying Scotsman, so that people are not misinformed.

    Anyone who is not a registered CAA licensed Drone Operator/Pilot is not permitted to fly within 150m of any vehicle, vessel, train or congested area / public place – full stop. This means that you would have to film from adjoining fields between North Chandler’s Ford, Ampfield and Romsey to avoid breaking the law. Not forgetting the permissions required to do so from the land owner. At 150m this would probably not be worth doing unless you were wanting to film some establishing shots for some additional ground camera segments.

    Under the new laws introduced in November last year, it makes it virtually impossible for the general public or hobbiest to film this event with a drone lawfully unless they are a registered CAA Drone pilot and even then they will need to have access and permission from a land owner who adjoins the track and permission from the Air Traffic Controller at Southampton Airport.

    Only CAA certificated Pilots can fly up to 50m from a congested area or transport system and they must have permission from the land owner and any persons within the flight area. The Pilot must have control of the flight area and be able to maintain visual contact with the drone. Eastleigh and most of Chandler’s Ford fall in the Controlled Air Space of Eastleigh (ATC) Air Traffic Control where the new 5 km extended zone from the Southampton Airport boundary restricts any flights in the Eastleigh town area without CAA certification and ATC permissions.

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