Mims : ‘They’re not voting for us due to Brexit delay’



pic: Ian Sheridan

Eastleigh’s MP Mims Davies has blamed government difficulties over Brexit for the Conservative losses in yesterday’s local elections

It was a rough night for Eastleigh’s Conservatives as they lost two of their council seats to the Liberal Democrats, reducing their opposition group on the council to third-party status with just two remaining members.

Eastleigh’s result was reflected right across the country as both Conservatives and Labour lost a significant number of seats to the Lib Dems and the Green party. Speaking on Sky News Mims Davies, said that the Conservative’s delay on Brexit and a low voter turnout, had impacted on their performance in the polls.

In a statement to Eastleigh News the MP said that the Lib Dems had benefitted from ‘apathetic’ local Tory voters who “will perhaps have made it look like remain view is strong.”

The MP said

“A complex political picture in delivering Brexit has led to an additionally difficult night in Eastleigh Borough for us, with another big postal voter turnout again for the long dug in the ruling party.

It’s disappointing that many on the doorsteps have said they are not turning out for us due to our delay on Brexit.”

We, the Conservatives, remain committed to working hard for the residents and businesses. We are being a strong voice on all local issues, such as the missing and delayed local plan, uncontrolled building and spiralling debts of the council – Now up to half a billion pounds, which has been consistently kept from voters via the exempt business process at this council.”

Voter dissatisfaction with the Brexit process could also influence the upcoming EU elections on May 23, where seats are currently dominated by Pro-Brexit parties, namely the newly formed Brexit party and Ukip, who also suffered losses in the local elections

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