More vehicle charging points for Hampshire

Electric cars are sparking a green revolution in Hampshire

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Hampshire County Council is speeding ahead with its roll-out of electric vehicle charging points, to help residents and visitors get plugged in.

There were 55% more electric cars registered in Hampshire last year compared to the previous year. The latest Department for Transport statistics show the number of registered electric or plug-in hybrid cars, vans and micro-cars called quadricycles in Hampshire. Over 2018, the number of registered plug-in vehicles in the area increased by 55%. At the end of 2017 there were 2,547 electric vehicles in Hampshire. By December last year, that figure had grown to 3,948, a jump of 1,401.

To fuel the growth, over the next three months, 136 charging points will be installed across the area using the County Council’s framework, an investment of almost £370,000. The majority of the funding for these charging points comes from local councils, with Hampshire County Council contributing £59,000 to this part of the roll-out. Suppliers also contribute to the costs.

HCC’s Deputy Leader and Executive Member for Environment and Transport, Rob Humby, said:

“It is now widely acknowledged that electric vehicles are a more sustainable future for car travel in the UK – bringing better air quality, offering drivers considerable savings on fuel costs, and of course, improving our carbon footprint. These new figures show that Hampshire residents are well aware of the benefits and I’m glad we’re able to support their green ambitions.

The County Council’s fleet currently includes 235 cars and light commercial vehicles. So far, 26 of these are electric. Another 17 vehicles will be replaced shortly with electric ones.

Councillor Humby added:

“Through a proactive approach, the County Council’s carbon consumption has reduced by over 40% since 2010 and cumulative energy savings of £30million have been achieved for the County Council’s buildings and schools. This has enabled more valuable financial resources to be directed to priority front line services.”

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  1. mm
    Stephen Slominski
    May 31, 2019 at 11:46 pm

    Long-suffering readers of Eastleigh News will already know that Eastleigh Borough Council has been ahead of the curve with vehicle charging for some time, as the 2011 picture below – featuring two forgettable former residents and a charging point in Mitchell Road Car Park – shows. (Is it still there?)

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