Barton Peveril Director Writes Children’s Book

Kyle Evans

Barton Peveril Sixth Form College’s Director of Maths and Computer Science, Kyle Evans, has written and published his first Children’s book. The book, titled Here Come the Numbers, is a fun rhyming book for children and adults about square numbers, negative numbers, prime numbers and other number-related topics.

Author Kyle Evans, who worked with Illustrator Hana Ayoob on his book, also tours the country performing a range of maths-based musical comedy shows. Recent performances have included shows at Edinburgh Fringe, the University of Southampton Science and Engineering Festival and a TEDx talk at Southampton’s Nuffield Theatre.

Speaking on his book, the College’s Director of Maths and Computer Science said:

‘I’ve been working on the book with the brilliant illustrator Hana Ayoob for a few years, batting ideas back and forth.  I spend a lot of time at home reading rhyming picture books to my children, and I really wanted to write something that was like a Pixar film – enjoyable on a base level, but with layers of mathematics that become accessible to children as they pass from infant to primary school, and maybe beyond. Now that it’s finally out, it’s lovely to see children and their parents enjoying the book at home.’