Council supports Clean Air Day

The Breathe Easy choir in Eastleigh

Eastleigh Borough Council is supporting National Clean Air Day 2019 on Thursday 20 June to help raise awareness of the issue and encourage residents and staff to take steps to reduce air pollution.

The Council is marking the day with an event in Eastleigh Town marketplace to promote understanding of air quality issues, help people understand what they can do to reduce their impact and limit their exposure.  This will also include the Breathe Easy choir, made up of members of a local support group who are part of the British Lung Foundation.

To mark Clean Air Day, council staff have also made pledges to commit to doing one thing that will help reduce air pollution such as promoting a ‘Leave your car at home’ day and asking them to pledge to travel sustainably on this day.

The Council has a number of schemes aimed at improving air quality including support, promotion and infrastructure for sustainable travel options ie public transport, walking and cycling;  a free airAlert scheme for warnings when poor air quality is forecast in the area; low emission taxi scheme;  developing infrastructure for electric vehicles and upgrading our monitoring equipment.

Cabinet Lead for Transport Cllr David Airey said:

‘The Council is taking a range actions across a variety of areas which are aimed at  improving air quality for local people.  Air pollution harms the health of millions of people each year but there are lots of simple things we can all do to help improve air quality, reduce our exposure to pollution and help protect our health as well as the environment.’

Fin out more about Clean Air day and steps you can take to help improve air quality visit

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  1. Eric Gooch
    June 20, 2019 at 5:50 pm

    Unless EBC do something about the traffic congestion especially in the town centre then the air quality will never improve. Building more houses close to the town centre and sitting at traffic lights even at 3 in the morning when there is little traffic about does not help.

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