Live Review Bill Bailey at Southampton’s Mayflower

Bill Bailey

(c) Andy Hollingworth Archive

Bill Bailey sold out Southampton’s Mayflower for his new show Larks in Transit last month.

The show opened with a roar from the crowd what is expected for the legend bill baily

He opened his show by interacting with the audience and getting them warmed up to enjoy the the night what was ahead. Showing the audience and demonstrating some off his unique musical instruments. the man is a pure genius in what he does with his ability to play the piano and the guitar which just amazing

He went on to tell some stories from all round the world from his many journeys then half way through the show he stopped after talking to an audience member then he hit the rewind button on the whole show in reverse to the start the show again in Dutch witch had everyone laughing so much including himself.

The show features much much more and if anyone has got the chance to see Bill Bailey live then go as it was the best show I had seen in a long while. Personally he is one of my favourite comedians who was the star of Black Books and he also talks about the time he was in the sitcom

Bailey finished the show with a classic song on the guitar that got everyone singing along then finally came the big finale with the perfectly played bells witch was perfection.

The crowd gave a massive cheer at the end of the show and I really enjoyed this one and I will be booking my tickets for his next show