Live Review: Joli Vyann’s ANIMA at The Point, Eastleigh

IMG 5186

There were three dance performances in one last month as Joli Vyann brought his ANIMA show at The Point in Eastleigh.

When the first performance started in my head I was thinking what have I just walked in on/witnessed.
I have never been to a show where you’re expected to be quiet for the whole performance so it was certainly interesting .

The second one in my mind  reflected on people with  anxiety and how they constantly need to take another breath because they feel anxious most of the time. Your mind just tells you to relax and breath but sometimes you can take too many and you can’t stop and you breath and breath until you feel like passing out.

The dance was so interesting for me and especially to sit there and say nothing and watch the performance and simply enjoy it.

The dance made my brain think about the whole performance to make me understand what was the dance about.

It was like watching a person tell a story but instead using the power of dance.

The third dance also spoke to me because from my perspective they were telling a story about how couples breath each others air every time there together.