Mayor celebrates Eid with Eastleigh’s Muslim community.


Mayor joins congregation to celebrate Eid-Ul -Fitre

Eastleigh’s Muslim community have celebrated the end of Ramadan with an open-air ceremony attended by the Mayor of Eastleigh.

Around 100 members of the Eastleigh Masjid and Islamic Centre took part in the Eid -Ul-Fitir ceremony on Leigh Road recreation ground yesterday (June 4). Traditionally the event takes place outdoors but this was the first time the event had been staged in on the rec.

The Mayor, Councillor Darshan Mann congratulated the congregation on completing the Ramadan fast and said that he was pleased to take part in the Eid Prayer ceremony.


Around 100 people took part in open-air ceremony on Leigh Rd Rec

Eastleigh’s Imam Hassan Kamil thanked the people of Eastleigh, the council and the Mayor for their support

“The reason we are out here is because the Eid prayers should be conducted in the open air and we don’t have a mosque in Eastleigh, in order to get the full benefit of the prayers you need to come out into the field, We are grateful to Eastleigh Borough Council who have helped us organise this and especially to the Mayor for celebrating Eid with us.”


Imam Hasan Kamil thanked the Council and people of Eastleigh for their support.