MP supports Schools Diversity Week and Relationships and Sex Education Day

The week will celebrate LGBT+ equality in schools

Mims Davies School Diversity Week

MP Mims: “Everyone should be able to express who they are and be safe and comfortable doing so”

Eastleigh’s MP Mims Davies has spoken out in support of equality in sex education at the launch of School Diversity Week, which takes place 1-5 July. The week celebrates lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans equality in education.

The organisation behind the week aims to serve schools, pupils and students by empowering them to be role models to champion equality in their schools and work. Last year saw 600,000 pupils and teachers take part and over 1,000,000 students have signed up to take part this year.

Meanwhile, Thursday saw Relationships and Sex Education Day marked across the UK, focusing minds on educating children and young people about healthy relationships and positive sexual health. This was the first national RSE day and it will be an annual celebration of excellent Relationships and Sex Education.

Commenting, Eastleigh MP and Minister for Youth, Mims Davies said:

“As Eastleigh’s MP I have always been absolutely clear that everyone should be able to express who they are and be safe and comfortable doing so, and I think as we mark Pride Month, and excitedly look ahead to another Pride Event in Eastleigh, it is really important that we all openly demonstrate our support for the LGBT+ community.

“I am therefore really pleased to be able to support Schools Diversity Week 2019, and delighted that local schools and colleges including Wyvern, Hamble School, Barton Peveril, Wellstead Primary School and Crestwood Community School will all be taking part.

I hope that in future even more schools and colleges across Eastleigh will get involved to make sure everyone knows that they can be who they are without fear. I also really welcome that we now have a day to celebrate good quality relationships and sex education, improving understanding and wellbeing around this key area.”