Trump in snub to Eastleigh Mayor

US president to fly into Eastleigh tomorrow en-route to D-Day events but Mayor not invited to greet him. Meanwhile local resident films motorcade filling up at Texaco.

Donald Trump official portrait

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Eastleigh Borough Council has told Eastleigh News that neither the Mayor, Cllr Darshan Mann nor the Chief Executive have been invited to welcome President Trump to the Borough of Eastleigh when the US President’s helicopter Marine 1 touches down at Southampton International Airport tomorrow morning. Eastleigh News understands there is a strong possibility that drivers on the M27 Eastbound towars  will encounter a rolling road block on the M27

tEastleigh News understands there is a strong possibility that drivers on the M27 Eastbound will encounter a rolling road block on the M27 on Wednesday morning from 9am, as the presidential motorcade whisks him and the First Lady to Southsea Common to take part in the D-Day 75th Anniversary National commemorative event.

There has already been a lot of activity around the airport today by both the police and security services in preparation for the visit and a local resident has even filmed the president’s armour-plated limousine while it was filling up the Texaco service station on Southampton Road.

During the First World War the Southampton Airport site was a United States Navy Air Force base and home to 4,000 American service personnel while during World War Two, the Airport was first used by the Royal Air Force as RAF Eastleigh then as HMS Raven by the Fleet Air Arm.

The site was also was a testing facility for the Spitfire fighter plane – an aircraft that saw active service during D-Day 75 years ago.

The president’s motorcade will pass the replica of the Spitfire prototype K5054 erected by Eastleigh Borough Council in 2004 to commemorate its maiden flight in 1936.

A spokesperson for Southampton Airport told Eastleigh News “We are proud to be supporting the D-Day events in Portsmouth this week.”

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