Deliveroo to bring gig economy to Eastleigh

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Deliveroo, the food delivery service, is on the look-out for drivers and riders in Eastleigh, where the service is due to launch later next month as part of an Amazon funded expansion plan to bring the business model out of the city and into towns and suburbs.

The company is appealing to car, bicycle, scooter or motorbike riders or drivers to help it deliver food from restaurants across the borough

The company states that this new push to towns and villages will see Deliveroo cover half the U.K. population, currently the company covers 40% of the country. However, the tie-up with Amazon has been referred to the Competition and Markets authority (CMA) who are looking into whether consumers could lose out following the deal, due to Amazon’s size and dominance of the online marketplace.

The Deliveroo website claims its delivery riders can earn £120 a day and describes food delivery as an ideal job for people who ” enjoy cycling as a hobby or are looking for a way to keep fit, with the added benefit of making some extra money”  – but cycle delivery riders in Nottingham have recently complained that the company has started to prioritise those with motorised transport and that this has impacted on their earnings.

Eastleigh News asked the company for details of restaurants in Eastleigh that have already signed up for home deliveries but a spokesperson said businesses were still being ‘onboarded’ and a full list of participating restaurants would be announced at the planned service launch next month.

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