Residents parking permits to go paperless

Council says new system will be a cost saving but permit charges still set to rise. It's a 'win win' says Councillor.

permit 1

Eastleigh Borough Council will be replacing paper disc residents parking permits with “virtual’ permits that can be purchased and managed online.

Residents in the borough’s 11 parking permit zones will begin to transition to virtual permits from September 2019 – then from November next year, new permit charges will also be phased in that will see current free permits for some residents scrapped and the cost of a permit for a first car to rise to £50 by  with a permit for. second vehicle possibly rising to as much as £100.

Over 4,000 parking permits are issued each year in the borough and the council says that new the new permit scheme will result savings to the council and provide customers with “a quicker and improved service.”

Other advantages to virtual permits over paper are that they cannot be lost, stolen, duplicated, altered or fall from the windscreen.

Parking permits will be electronically linked to residents Council Tax reference numbers, visitor permits will also be electronically managed while drivers displaying a Blue Badge will still be able to park in resident parking zones without a permit.

The council say they would consider continuing to issue paper permits to applicants “in extenuating circumstances.”

Cabinet Lead for Transport Cllr David Airey described the new permits as a “win win” for “customers”.

“The virtual permits will make it even quicker and easier for our customers to purchase and manage their parking permits online and residents will have much greater flexibility.”

“It is important we look at ways of using technology to add value to a service and these new virtual permits are a win-win. Residents will benefit from an enhanced online service and the council benefits from a quicker online process and will no longer have to print and distribute paper permits.”