Election Hustings to take place this evening

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Voters in Eastleigh have a chance to hear from Candidates standing in the forthcoming General Election this evening during a hustings to be held at King’s Community Church (KCC) in Hedge End.

The church has previously organised hustings in 2015 and 2017 and is an ideal venue being easily accessible with a good sound system and ample room for the audience and a good-sized car park.

The candidates taking part this evening are Paul Holmes (Conservative) Lynda Murphy (Liberal Democrat) and Ron Meldrum (Green). Sam Jordan, the Labour candidate, is unable to attend due to a prior family commitment but his place will be taken by Josh Constable from Eastleigh Labour Party.

As with previous years the format will see each speaker open with a statement before the floor is opened to questions from the audience selected by the Chair, Dr Nigel Patterson.

Questions cover a range of topics and have been known to spark a lively debate!

The hustings are scheduled to start at 7.30 pm at Kings’s Community Church, Upper Northam Rd, Hedge End, Southampton SO30 4BZ.