Bishop Tim’s Christmas Message

In a world of 'Fake News' the Christmas message is good news says the Bishop of Winchester Tim Daykin.

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Bishop of Winchester Tim Daykin. Pic ©Harvey Mills 2019

“The Word became flesh and lived among us”

At a time of much uncertainty and insecurity regarding the future of our country, Christmas comes as a reminder of the good news and certain truth of Jesus Christ. It is a time when Christians celebrate the fulfilment of God’s promise, when he came into the world to save us in the form of his Son Jesus.

God humbled himself and came to make his home with us. This is an amazing eternal truth of the perfect creator God. He chose to identify with us. Because of the state of the world, Jesus was sent to show us the great love of God, teach us how to live with one another and eventually give his life as a sacrifice to save each one of us.

In a world where the conflicting ‘fake news’ and media messages we are bombarded with can distort our view, force us to question what really is true and create divisions between us, the message of Jesus at Christmas is the good news. It is the truth we can hold on to, one of salvation and hope for the future.

As a man, Jesus was full of God’s grace and truth. His life encourages us to live our own lives in this same way, for the good of all people, across all nations. Despite our differences and disagreements, we are to respect and support one another, and to be gracious, generous and welcoming to all people.

As we look to the coming year, with much change ahead for our country, whatever the outcome of future political discussions, we can rediscover the significance of Jesus for our lives. He was born in humility, but displayed the full glory of God. He came to earth to save each one of us, the poor, the vulnerable, the rich and famous, and He gives us the hope of new life. I pray that we can all show love to our communities and neighbours, both near and far, this Christmas and in the days to come.

I wish you all a blessed Christmas and New Year.