Police Commissioner proposes precept rise

Michael Lane asks Hampshire residents to back £10 a year rise in an online poll

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Michael Lane Hants PCC

Hampshire’s Police and Crime Commissioner has launched an online poll asking residents if they are prepared an extra £10 a year for their local policing by taking part in an online survey.

The Government has announced that Police and Crime Commissioner’s will be given the flexibility to increase the policing precept by £10 per Band D household per year to help meet the current challenges policing faces. The increase would mean the average Band D household will be paying £211.46 as the policing element of their Council Tax bill for 2020-2021.

The Police and Crime Commissioner for Hampshire Michael Lane said:

“An increase in the policing precept this year will enable Hampshire Constabulary to maintain its current level of police officers and build on this with additional recruitment. Despite the investments being made nationally, without an increase in the policing element of the council tax police officer numbers could still reduce. It is therefore more important than ever that I hear from council tax payers share their views about the level of contribution they would be willing to make through my precept survey.”

“As a result of the public’s support for an increase in policing element of the council tax last year, I am pleased to confirm that 210 additional police officers and 65 police investigators were recruited into Hampshire Constabulary and they are now working to keep you safer in your local communities. This places Hampshire Constabulary in a good position to build upon.”

The Police and Crime Commissioner’s office says that as 61% of council tax payers in the Hampshire Constabulary policing area residing in properties that are Band A-C the majority of people will see an increase of less than £10 a year and that the precept increase will:

  • ensure the recruitment of new officers to maintain the current level of policing.
  • enable Hampshire Constabulary to access the national funding to recruit an additional 156 police officers.
  • Allow police officers to spend more time in local communities to prevent and investigate crime as it happens.
  • Provide equipment and training to make police officers even more effective.
  • Fund additional police staff in contact centres so that emergency and non-emergency calls are answered more effectively.

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  1. February 5, 2020 at 11:08 am

    I understand that as a result of 2 poorly attended public meetings and a approx. 5000 responses to an online survey last years increase was advertised as being with the overwhelming support of the public. The numbers don’t suggest overwhelming support ? Now its going to happen again in 2020/21. I wait with baited breath to hear how many knew the PCC had another online survey and responded.

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