Local ambulance staff help coronavirus Brits

'No risk to wider to wider community' say South Central Ambulance who are helping support people returning from coronovirus hit Whuhan.

NHS ambulance staff help coronavirus brits


Staff from a number of different health and social care agencies, including South Central Ambulance Service, are providing on-site support for approximately 118 quarantined expats who have arrived at Kents Hill Park in Milton Keynes where they will stay for the next 14 days.

In a briefing document released on their website, SCAS – whose Southern Headquarters are in Otterboune – say that all guests and staff are adhering to strict infection and prevention control protocols, including wearing masks and gloves. SCAS adds that although drivers involved in transporting returnees from the airport to their quarantine accommodation were not wearing masks or protective clothing – this presents no risk to the wider community.

“Seating arrangements ensured that the drivers were not in close contact with the passengers on the journey, which meant they were not at risk and did not require PPE. Close contact means being within two metres of an infected person for at least fifteen minutes. The measures we put in place to address this were to block off five rows at the front and boarding the drivers last. The drivers do not pose a risk to public health as a result of driving these passengers to their accommodation and should go about their daily lives as normal.”

The document also states that SCAS Staff in close contact with guests, or performing clinical assessments, are wearing full personal protective equipment and that access to the hotel is strictly regulated and staff leaving the facility undertake appropriate decontamination and that the isolation is a precautionary measure.

There is more information and advice on Novel Coronavirus on the Government’s website at: