Eastleigh 10k postponed due to Coronavirus

'Not an easy decision to make' says Race Director Postponed race will be re-scheduled when 'safe to do so"


Eastleigh 10k has been postponed due to coronavirus

Eastleigh 10k has been postponed due to coronavirus

The 2020 Eastleigh 10k road race which was all set to be run next Sunday (March 22) has been postponed due to the Coronavirus outbreak. This follows the postponement of the both the London and the Brighton marathons which have been re-scheduled for the Autumn – an alternative date for the Eastleigh race has not yet been announced.

The popular early season race,  now in it’s 36th year has only been postponed once before in 2018 after heavy snow and was eventually run in June.

In a statement the Race Director Steve Collins said the decision had been ‘difficult’ but it was important to minimise the risk that may be caused from large gatherings of people which at this event will be from both within and outside the Eastleigh area.

The Race Director added:

This is not an easy decision to take and I know many runners will be disappointed, but I hope you will all understand this decision that aims to ensure the health, safety and well-being of the runners and the wider community. Unlike the decision in 2018 when were affected by the heavy snowfall at least we have been able to make this important decision a week before the event.

Steve Collins said the race would be rescheduled later this year when the government said it would be safe to do so.

Full statement here