#Stayinworkout and improve your mental health

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As well as looking after your mental health being physically fit is also important during this challenging time, which is why we’re encouraging people across the Borough to take part in the #Stayinworkout fitness drive during Mental Health Awareness Week.

Eastleigh resident, Christine Northover is one of Eastleigh Borough Council’s ‘This Girl Can’ ambassadors and she has been sharing with us how she has continued to stay fit during the pandemic by cycling as her usual gym remains closed.

Christine has always been a keen cyclist and has gone back to her bike since being furloughed, she said:

‘It has been four weeks and I can happily report that I feel so much better. My mental health has also improved. On days I have been out I feel so energized and refreshed and on days I don’t go out my mind is calm.’

The Council’s Sports Works Health and Wellbeing Specialists are supporting individuals, like Christine, who are taking part in the Stay In Work Out movement and adapting their workouts to fit in with the latest government guidelines.

The team are supporting residents in the Borough and they would like you to share how you’re using your daily dose of exercise outside of the house – whether it’s a great new walk route or a cycle path that gets you close to nature.

During this week there are lots of ways to get involved and support the campaign, one way is to complete a suggested Acts of Kindness in the MHAW supporter pack and see if you can complete them all in the week. https://www.mentalhealth.org.uk/campaigns/mental-health-awareness-week

Cabinet Member for Health and Wellbeing, Tonia Craig, said:

‘The mental wellbeing of residents in the Borough is so important during this difficult time. Mental Health Awareness Week is a great opportunity to highlight ways in which we can help our residents and direct them to activities and advice that will hopefully ease some of the stresses of lockdown and social distancing.’