Career boost for young carers during National Careers Week

national careers week 2021

Young people in Eastleigh Borough who provide care for a family member will be getting a career boost during National Carers Week.

During National Careers Week in March, Eastleigh Borough Council will be supporting local young people by providing information about different career paths, with a focus on an exciting development to create a new community in the Borough. The Place Creators job role videos will share information from professionals working on the One Horton Heath scheme, showing young people what career opportunities can be created from this kind of developments.

The roles that the Council will be promoting are jobs that relate to the initial design stages of planning. The young people will be shown videos covering roles including: Estates Manager, Ecologist, Technical Manager, Civil Engineer, Architects to name some of the job opportunities.

Nick Newman Founder & CEO National Careers Week CIC, said:

‘These careers films are a remarkable achievement during the pandemic and a fantastic resource to share with young people; National Careers Week is grateful for the hard work and vision that have resulted in some truly excellent work.’

The videos will support the Council’s skills and employment commitment to young people in the Borough and will act as a tool for Employment and Skills Manager, Lea Hampton and careers leaders in local secondary schools and colleges.

More videos will be produced through the development of the One Horton Heath site as more jobs are created through the progression of the area. As well as inspiring young people, these videos will be useful for residents and those following the progress of the site.

When restrictions lift the Employment and Skills team will visit local schools to deliver workshops and careers talks students based around these job roles on the One Horton Heath project allowing them to ask direct questions and understand more about that particular career.

Students at Wyvern College previewed the videos online and gave feedback to the team;

One student said:

‘I like this video particularly because in Ben’s school life he wanted to be an engineer. Later during his university time, he discontinued engineering degree and started learning Zoology. He started loving the subject and is now an ecologist. I really liked how interesting his job is.’

Another student that viewed another of the videos said:

‘I found this video interesting because Rory’s work is very important, such as looking after land and how to manage different types of environments.’

Katie Bruce, Careers Leader at Wyvern College said:

‘the videos are really useful tool. They can be viewed by students independently to find out more about different careers but can also be tied into curriculum learning easily.’