Barton Peveril students get published

Barton Peveril students Anna Balsom and Jade Effemey

Pictured: successful students Anna Balsom (left,) and Jade Effemey (right).

Barton Peveril Sixth Form Students Anna Balsom and Jade Effemey are to become published authors after finding success in the Young Writers competition 2021.

The Young Writers Competition asks 11-18 year old students across the country to enter a piece of thought-provoking poetry, where winning students proceed to have their work published in the competition’s annual anthology. This year’s competition was titled ‘Empowerment’ and tasked students with exploring this concept in their own work.

Both students joined the Eastleigh-based College from Noadswood School, and heard about the competition through the College’s English Extension enrichment activity. Balsom’s poem ‘Thinking Back on Snap Decisions’ and Effemey’s poem ‘Getting Me Back’ were among the few poems of hundreds of entries around the country to be selected and published in this year’s anthology.

Speaking on her entry experience, Anna Balsom said:

I entered the competition because I thought it was a really cool way to have a go at writing something for a wider audience. I am very happy that I was chosen to be published and am super grateful to have this opportunity.

Jade Effemey also commented on her success:

I entered the competition because I wanted to challenge myself by writing on a theme of empowerment. Knowing I was chosen to be published makes me feel validated and secure in my poetry and excited for new opportunities to come.


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