Boorley Park’s new playground ‘unusable’ say residents

Council to investigate drainage issues and possible maggot infestation

Fenced off and waterlogged – Boorley Park’s new playground

Children on Botley’s Boorley Park estate were thrilled last summer when the Mayor opened their new playground on Wallace Avenue. But tomorrow (January 7) officers from Eastleigh Borough Council will be conducting a site inspection following complaints that the facility is ‘unusable’, waterlogged, hazardous and infested with maggots.

In June, Boorley Park residents told Eastleigh News how they had been waiting nearly four years for promised community facilities but although a sports hall and community centre has been constructed the developers had yet to hand over the premises to the council.

Flashback to July. Excited children watch Eastleigh’s Mayor open their new playground.

It seemed progress was being made when Mayor Cllr Cynthia Garton opened the playground and a Multi-use games area in July but residents have since complained on a facebook group that the area has proved to be unusable in rainy weather due to poor drainage and that a trampoline pit was completely flooded.

One unhappy resident wrote:

We all waited so long to have a park so the children of the estate have somewhere to play and now that we have one it’s just in a total state.

A Council spokesperson said:

Unfortunately, with so much rain over the last few weeks the play area has become waterlogged. We will be speaking with the play area installers to review the suitability of the trampoline equipment at this site.

We will also be investigating how and why insect larva are on the site in winter as this is unusual at this time of year and we will be disinfecting the area to eradicate this issue.

Frustrated residents also report that despite promises the Sports Hall and Community Centre still haven’t been brought into use and an open green space behind the playground remains fenced off.

The Council spokesperson admitted they were still waiting for community facilities to be transferred to the Borough by the developers:

The Council has continued to engage with the developers to ensure the community facilities are completed to an acceptable standard to enable them to be opened for public use.

Significant progress has been made and the Council will move forward with the legal transfer of the buildings and sports pitches as soon as it can confirm the facilities have achieved an acceptable condition.

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