Stephen Slominski

I'm the News Editor and admin for this site. I am a BJTC trained Journalist and a life-long Eastleigh resident.

Strictly No Dancing!

Eastleigh Ballroom fans have been told to ‘Foxtrot Oscar’ by their landlords, Eastleigh Borough Council, who are evicting them from the Leigh Ballroom after 30 years of competitive dancing which had placed the former Leigh Road drill hall on the international dance map. However the popular venue, home to current UK Professional Latin Dance Champions…

Giant hole discovered in Centre of Eastleigh!!

View Larger Map A Satellite parked in geo-stationary orbit 20,000 miles above the Congo has discovered a large mysterious hole in Eastleigh Town Centre!The photo, reproduced below, clearly shows a barren wasteland, measuring a couple of acres, bordered by Leigh Rd and Sopwith Rd and normally hidden from the curious gaze of passers-by. Ancient MeteoriteIt…