Business Blackout!

Many Eastleigh Town Centre businesses were left counting the cost this afternoon as the normally busy Market Street was hit by a power cut.

‘The power went this morning for a while then came back on then went completely at about 2pm’ said a worker at Longs greengrocers who were still managing to trade.

Many businesses were forced to close completely and staff sent home early. Currys, Thomas Cook and A Plan Insurance being amongst those forced to close their doors.

Staff at Oswald Baileys camping store were best prepared for the emergency as they attempted to continue trading by the light of camping lanterns. Another unusual sight was the usually bustling Costa coffee bar nearly empty as the espresso machines could no longer operate. : (

Not all shops in Market Street were affected. Only stores on the west side of the street were without electricity although in some of shops the lights continued to burn brightly.

‘I have no idea why some shops have been affected and others haven’t’ said the cashier at the ‘Oxygen’ clothing store from under a blaze of spotllights.

A spokesman for Scottish and Southern Energy explained:

“Not all shops are on the same network. This has probably been caused by a fuse blowing in the sub-station.”

In total 26 premises are affected.

At 5 pm Scottish and Southern were still anticipating a further two hour wait before full power could be restored.