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Botley school pool nominated for Kumho cash


With the Olympic Torch passing through the neighbouring cities of Southampton and Portsmouth this weekend, the whole nation looking forward to the Olympic Games and many also thinking about the legacy of those games, local campaigners in Botley are busy trying to save the swimming pool at the local Primary School… No longer funded by Central or Local Government, the pool has [until…

Carry-On Carnival


Hedge End’s Carnival went ahead despite the atrocious summer weather this afternoon. The unseasonal heavy rain, which the Met Office attribute to the Jet Stream misbehaving, was at its heaviest of the day during the carnival procession, but the route was still lined with onlookers and the display of umbrellas was said by those riding on the floats, to…

Local Author goes digital

Matt Shaw

A Hedge End author has embraced digital technology and is now writing exclusively for the Kindle platform. Matt Shaw started writing creatively at the age of 12 then experimented with the concept of writing screenplays before self-publishing his first book “The Autobiography of a Nobody” [n.b. subsequently re-titled “I’m fine”]. Delighted with the results of…