Chris Huhne’s £46k taxi fare

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Is that fare Chris?

Chris Huhne, Eastleigh’s under fire MP who is also the Energy and Climate Change Secretary, spent over £46,000 between May to September last year on taxis and private hire cars.

In a written Parliamentary question entitled ‘Departmental taxis’ Maria Eagle, Labour’s Shadow Transport Secretary asked Mr Huhne how much money had been spent by his department on private hire vehicles since he had taken over the department.

The total bill for the department over the five month period was £176,760 shared as follows:

Chris Huhne – £46,194

Gregory Barker- £47,650

Charles Hendry-£48,895

Lord Marland-£34,021

The total cost of transport works to £35,000 a month.

During the last year of the Labour government the cost of ministerial transport at the department of Climate Change came to £303,129 – or £25,000 a month.

Chris Huhne had axed the department’s four ministerial cars soon after taking office.

One Eastleigh voter, 54, who did not wish to be named, reacted angrily to the news:

“When I spoke to him earlier in the year Mr Huhne told me he had got rid of his ministerial car – I thought he meant that he was now cycling, and I thought ‘good on you Chris’… I didn’t realise he was taking a bloody taxi

Comedienne Charmian Hughes, who knew Chris Huhne when he was a Student, has recently recalled how he used to own and drive a London taxi cab which he once drove all the way to Turkey.

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