Council buy land to develop at Horton Heath


Eastleigh Borough Council has formed an ‘innovative’ partnership with builders Galliford Try in order to develop land between West End and Horton Heath the trade magazine Inside Housing has revealed.

The greenfield site, recently purchased by the council is bordered by Allington Lane, Burnetts Lane and Chalcroft Industrial Estate and Eastleigh Borough Council has appointed the developer to act as project manager for the next four years.

As well as acting as project manager, Galliford Try will take on the master developer role for the council, providing planning services. This unusual arrangement will enable the council to retain ownership of the land and enable them to directly influence the quantity, mix, and price of the new homes and the speed of delivery.

Inside Housing tweeted “This council still has no local plan, but it has formed an innovative partnership with Galliford Try.”

Leader of Eastleigh Borough Council Keith House is quoted by Inside Housing as saying:

 “We are delighted to appoint Galliford Try Partnerships as our long-term project manager to work with us on this major new development.

There is significant added value by the council being actively involved as it guarantees infrastructure is delivered early, ensures a high-quality development and means the mix of tenures really does meet the needs of local people such as affordable housing, market rent and family homes.”

It is not been announced how much it will cost the council to employ Galliford Try as project managers and EBC did not respond to an invitation to comment on this story.

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