Council launches Employer Engagement Support Service

As part of the COVID recovery strategy, we’re pleased to announce a new service to help businesses in the borough to bounce back as quickly and as successfully as possible as restrictions continue to ease.

The employer engagement and support service aims to help local businesses by providing support in various areas to assist as companies emerge from the restrictions that have affected work and employment over the past 18 months.

The scheme will provide support to help business owners to understand and apply for government funding and direct them to the available initiatives and funding streams that are available. It aims to help employers plan their workforce in response to coronavirus and support them in developing their staff members with ways to reduce skills gaps through learning and training.

The service also offers employers and potential employees various types of work placements through government funded employer initiatives that are mutually beneficial to both employer and job seekers.

Other advantages that the scheme will provide are; Networking opportunities, ‘Peer to Peer’ support, apprenticeship levy advice and recognition and promotion of their business.

For further information on the service please contact