Council safeguards Solar Park

Eastleigh Borough Council Cabinet has approved a report detailing the purchase of a solar park at Horton Heath and the opportunity to provide energy for local businesses on the exciting One Horton Heath (OHH) development.

The purchase of the solar park, reinforces the Council’s commitment to seek opportunities to expand the Councils renewable energy generating systems.  The purchase also protects both the solar farm and the land as it is a key part of the One Horton Heath scheme and the Council did not have any control over this strategically placed site. It will also allow the Council to make much more efficient use of the land and ensure important highway infrastructure can be provided in a more effective way.

The solar park, that hosts more than 25,600 photovoltaic panels covering around 34 acres of land and produces around six million kilowatt hours of power per year, will be run by the Council.  The income generated from the sale of electricity to the national grid plus an ongoing Government grant for the site over the next ten years means that the solar park will cover the cost of borrowing over this period.

The Council is planning to sell electricity to Commercial units on the One Horton Heath development to ensure a continued favourable financial outcome.

Council Leader Keith House said,

‘Sustainability and innovation are at the heart of our ambitions for One Horton Heath and this acquisition underlines our commitment to tackle the climate and environment emergency and promote a carbon neutral Borough by 2030. It also underlines our commitment to delivering an environmentally sustainable development at One Horton Heath with less reliance on fossil fuels. It is planned that the 355-acre sustainable mixed-use scheme will create a neighbourhood which supports green and sustainable lifestyles for all.’

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