Deer saved from drowning in Hedge End pool

Exhausted deer would have drowned

RSPCA inspector Alan Browning rushed to a home in Hedge End, on the outskirts of Southampton, early on Sunday morning (20 May) to reports of a young roe deer stuck in a swimming pool.

He explained

“When I arrived at the home I realised quite how perilous the situation was,”

“The deer had fallen into the pool and wasn’t able to get out himself or put his feet down on the bottom so he was treading water and swimming around in a panic.

“Unsurprisingly he was exhausted and was starting to struggle to keep his head above water, he was on the verge of drowning.

“I managed to grab him and drag him out of the water and onto the side.

“The poor thing had inhaled so much water I was not hopeful of a recovery but using CPR I managed to get him going again. I sat him upright while he coughed up chlorinated water and finally, after about 10 minutes of rubbing him down vigorously with a large towel, he looked up at me and then ran off.

“Had the outdoor pool not have been heated the situation might have been very different.

“I’ve been an inspector for 30 years and this was by far the best rescue I’ve ever had. To save a life and watch it recover before my very eyes having using untried techniques was so magical.

“This is exactly why I do this job and I’m so pleased I was able to save this beautiful animal’s life.”

The RSPCA would always advise members of the public not to put themselves at risk to help an animal and only to try to rescue an animal in distress if they can do so safely.

Please call the RSPCA’s 24-hour emergency line for help on 0300 1234 999.

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