Eastleigh politicians unite to fight Coronavirus

"If we follow the advice and look out for each other, we will overcome the challenge ahead of us”

Council Leader Kieth House (Left) and Paul Holmes (Right)

Eastleigh MP, Paul Holmes and Borough Council Leader, Keith House have joined forces to ensure that important health and wellbeing messages around the Coronavirus crisis are reaching local people, including information about vital services.

The Liberal Democrat-led Council is producing a regularly updated bulletin to ensure the latest information from the government and health authorities is available to residents in one place. Paul Holmes MP who was elected as the Conservative MP for Eastleigh in December’s General Election, has been updating his followers on social media, supporting constituents with a variety of welfare, business and health enquiries as well as signposting them to the Council’s guidance, which can be found on the homepage of its website at www.eastleigh.gov.uk .

In a joint statement, Councillor House and Mr Holmes, said:

“For anyone operating at any level of politics the health, safety and wellbeing of our constituents is our highest priority.

“An unprecedented crisis, such as the COVID-19 pandemic, transcends political boundaries and it is crucial that elected representatives, who have an important community leadership role, come together to ensure that residents are aware of the latest information that will help protect them and their loved ones.

“While the national response is being organised by Government, there is also an enormous amount of work being carried out at the local level. We will stay joined up throughout this time and we both welcome this opportunity to work together for the benefit of the people of the Eastleigh Constituency and Borough.

“Our residents, our businesses and our communities are strong and resilient. If we follow the advice and look out for each other, we will overcome the challenge ahead of us”

Paul Holmes regularly posts updates to his Twitter feed @pauljholmes. Council information can be found @eastleighbc.