Elderly couple ‘devasted’ after burglars ransack home

Burglars forced their way into the home of an elderly couple today (May 15) and ‘ransacked’ their house causing ‘considerable’ water damage Police have reported.

The distressed homeowners, a couple in their 80’s returned to their detached home in Botley Road Horton Heath to find it had been vandalised. Their pet dog had escaped into the garden  but fortunately did not run into the road.

Police believe the incident took place between 3.50-4.30pm. Jewellery including two ladies gold watches and a gold ring with three diamond stones in a twist was stolen.

The homeowners are said by Police to be ‘devastated’ and are currently being comforted by family.

Any with information is asked to contact Pc 25121 Caroline Bracey at Eastleigh police station on 101.

Last weekend purse thieves targeted elderly shoppers in the town centre.

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