Government to Consider Reducing MOT Test Frequency

Although many motorists consider them to be a nuisance, MOT tests – which refer to Ministry of Transport tests – are designed to keep everyone safe on the road. When unfit vehicles are allowed to operate on the road, the chances for auto accidents increases significantly. While driver error is often to blame, faulty equipment can cause serious problems as well. With all of that in mind, the news that certain government ministers in the UK would like to reduce the frequency of MOT tests is prompting some alarm. An upcoming consultation should decide the matter once and for all.

Why Reduce MOT Test Frequency?

Proponents of the drive to reduce the frequency of MOT tests claim that doing so would save motorists money. While it is true that less frequent MOT tests may save motorists money in the short term, the costs that could arise due to increased auto accidents could end up being much higher. After paying for petrol, car insurance and other things, many people would be happy to have less frequent MOT tests. While proponents claim that they support the measure in order to save motorists money, many believe that it’s a way to turn attention away from artificially high fuel costs.

The Benefits of Regular MOT Tests

As frustrating as it may be to deal with MOT tests, doing so actually saves everyone money over the long run. Under the proposed plan, the required frequency for the first test would move back from three years to four years, and the second one would be pushed back by an additional two years. During those extended periods of time, cars are more likely to be on the road with serious mechanical issues. Those mechanical issues can cause serious injuries or deaths on the road.

Saving Money without Reducing MOT Test Frequency

If you would really like to save money on your automobile expenses, a far better way to do so is to look for online car insurance quotes. Getting a lower car insurance rate will have a more immediate and dramatic impact than less frequent MOT tests. Reducing the frequency of MOT tests would also negatively impact small traders and would reduce the trade of the manufacturers and distributors of replacement spares, at least during the short term. Anything that weakens the local economy could cost you money, so the proposed changes are troublesome on many levels.

A Familiar Plan

The proposed change to the frequency of MOT tests is old news. In 2008, Gordon Brown championed a similar plan. A DoT report ultimately decided that the switch would result in far too many injuries and deaths. The consultation that will decide the matter will be between UK road safety organisations, motoring groups and the MOT trade. The decision that they reach must be unanimous, and it will be final. In the meantime, you can save money right now by getting a car insurance quote online. You may discover that you are currently paying too much for coverage, and you could end up saving a lot of money right away.