Have a Safer Christmas this year






Christmas is a time to celebrate and have fun. But for some it can provide opportunity to take advantage of those who are vulnerable and susceptable to crime.


Eastleigh police want you to have a safer Christmas this year and under the banner of “Operation Cracker” they are cracking down on criminals, making the town an unwelcome place for those who seek to commit crime. The Safer neighbourhoods team are attending a number of community events, offering advice to residents on how to avoid becoming a victim of crime and have a safe Christmas.

Sergeant Chris Spellerberg who lead the Central Safer neighbourhoods team said “Additional officers will be on duty this month patrolling on foot and cycles, particularly on busy shopping days and also the evenings when the public are socialising in the town. Those who are looking to commit crime should know we are out there watching you and you will get caught.  We will use all measures the law provides us with to disrupt criminals, you face being arrested & spending time in custody, we will search houses and if we find property which is a result of the proceeds of crime we will confiscate it.”

Advice when shopping

Before you leave your car, ensure all windows and doors are closed and locked and avoid leaving your purchases and presents in your vehicle.If you do leave items in the car make sure they are not on display.

Make sure your handbag is closed or your wallet is in an inside pocket as you move around to reduce temptation from a pick-pocket. Officers on patrol will be handing out purse lanyards, which help keep keep your purse safe by securing it to a bag or clothing.

Don’t leave a bag unattended in a trolley, even if only for a couple of seconds.

Think about the item you are buying someone. Are there any security products you could purchase to help them keep them safe/secure. i.e. if buying a bike think about also giving a decent ‘D’ lock.

If you are out for the evening

Drink sensibly and stay with your friends, plan how to get home in advance.

Save the number of a licensed taxi firm in your mobile phone. Always check the driver’s identification and never get into an unlicensed taxi.

Keep your belongings with you and your valuables out of sight; never leave your bag hanging over a chair or personal items left unattended.

Don’t drink and drive, and remember you may still be over the limit the morning after a big night out.


Remember, to report a crime that has taken place or something suspicious call us on 101, in an emergency 999.

For more crime prevention advice visit the Hampshire police Safer Christmas Webpage

Contact your local Safer neighbourhoods team via email or call 101. You can also follow us on twitter @EastleighPolice




I'm the Saferneighbourhood (beat) Sergeant for Eastleigh Central, a busy area covering Allbrook, Boyatt Wood, Newtown, Eastleigh Town Centre & adjoining residential areas, Fleming Park, Aviary Estate, to Stoneham. I lead a team of committed PCSO's & PC's. Our job is to look after vulnerable people and lock up villains. Stop crime happening and whilst doing all this we try to give residents & business the best service possible. We do make a difference but don't get it right all the time. Tell me & my team your neighbourhood concerns. Call, email, stop us on patrol or pop into the station.