Hedge End home burgled while owner walked dog

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A Hedge Ender who popped out to walk her dog returned to find her home had been burgled in just 15 minutes.

Burglars stole an iPad and a bicycle from her unlocked Hedge End home despite her son being upstairs at the time.

The woman left her home at Strawberry Fields, Hedge End, at about 7.30pm Sunday, December 15, leaving her son in an upstairs rear bedroom. When she returned at 7.45pm, she discovered the burglary.

Doors to the house were closed, but unlocked.

Police believe the burglary was opportunistic. They think the thieves climbed over a six-foot brick wall, next to pavement, to access the rear garden. Then, they would have had access to an unlocked conservatory and the kitchen, where the iPad was on a table.

The iPad is a silver Apple 3 in a black simulated leather case. The bike is a grey Merida Hybrid cycle with a rear mud guard, a hand pump and a water bottle holder. It is valued at £500.

Police believe there were at least two burglars because two people would have been needed to get the bike over the garden wall.

Police Staff Investigator Elaine Waller who is leading the enquiry said:

“This incident took place in a very short time frame. Did you notice anyone hanging about in the area prior to the incident? Have you been offered a bicycle or an iPad for sale since Sunday?

“We believe this to be a crime of opportunity. Try and minimise that opportunity by ensuring that doors and windows are locked, even when you are at home.”

Anyone with information is asked to contact PSI Waller at Eastleigh CID on 101.