‘I will work with with any party for my community’

Ray Dean, admits that running as an Independent is quite challenging

Councillor Ray Dean, the Independent candidate for Bishopstoke is defending the one of the three seats the Independent group won last year from the Liberal Democrats who had angered many residents by voting in favour of the Council’s Local Plan that will see 6,000 extra dwellings and a relief road built on a greenfield site just North of the Parish.

Cllr Dean said that the Liberal Democrats have been in power so long they thought they had a mandate to do what they wanted, leaving voters “disillusioned with politics and political parties especially.”

The Independent candidate also thought that residents suffered from voter fatigue. Elections, he said, are held so regularly that people react with “No, not another one”.

Although he admitted that standing as an Independent can seem quite limiting, he has chosen to look at the positive side of it saying:
“The people that elected me are the people I am there to represent… I will work with any party if their goals are in line with looking after my local community.”
Other candidates standing in Bishopstoke ward on May 2 are
John Edwards – Ukip
Christine McKeone – Labour
Trevor Mignot – Liberal Democrat
Phillip Parkinson-Shanley – Conservative