Keith House: ‘We are investing in things that matter to people’

With two days to go to the Local Elections on May 2, Eastleigh’s Liberal Democrat leader tells Eastleigh News that the Lib Dem administration have been “investing in the things that matter to people in their communities” He also explains why he thinks voting in local elections is just as important as voting in a general election and defends his administration’s Local Plan by saying the other parties have failed to come up with an alternative.

Councillor Keith House said: ”

“We work hard, we are not complacent, we deliver on peoples wishes, we plan to deliver on our commitment to keep Council Tax down, so that council tax is not burning a hole in people’s pockets”

The Liberal Democrats have controlled Eastleigh Borough Council for the last 25 and currently hold 32 of the 39 seats but still hope to make gains on Thursday.

A full list of candidates standing can be found here